Cammach Projects Division was first created in response to an international oil operator who required a cost effective and flexible development management solution.

We have a highly experienced core group with access to an extensive network of skilled and experienced professionals in all aspects of oil and gas project concept selection, development and delivery.

We are ready to provide a project management solution that reliably delivers and allows clients to focus on their business priorities.

Our Cammach Project Division’s core motivation is to optimise value for our clients by taking the time to fully understand their business drivers, so that we can apply our collective experience across all areas of the ‘value chain’ to comply and meet these drivers.

We care about our clients and our industry. Cammach Projects is fully committed to delivering high-quality output, with the sole aim of helping our clients optimise their resources and assets. Our engineers are intelligent, creative thinkers, who deliver each job with integrity.

For more information about our Project Services, please call Leanne McDonald on 01224 894444.