Candidate Testimonials

“Since this will be my last invoice with Cammach on this project, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help during the last 16 months that I have worked with you. I cannot recall a single issue or problem and when I return from overseas I will look forward to liaising with you again to see what would be available in the market then”

“My experience with Ashleigh Fraser has been nothing but successful. Ashleigh is very professional and is a key person to providing successful outcomes. Ashleigh took time to one side to help me change from one career that I had been doing for over 14 years and helped me make the move into a completely different career, without Ashleigh’s help I know I wouldn’t have made the transition! With her professional guidance and enthusiastic approach she has helped me to find confidence in myself. I can’t thank Ashleigh enough for what she has helped me achieve in such a short space of time. Ashleigh provides all the key elements in such an ever changing and diverse market, without a key person like Ashleigh in this industry I wouldn’t be in the position I currently am in. Can’t thank her enough!”

“Great service and all parties very happy, well done.”

 “Many thanks for your time and advice at the workshop on Thursday, I found it incredibly beneficial.”

 “I wish to thank you so very much for all the help, effort, support, work, kindness and everything you have done for me in the time I have been temping. I really do appreciate all mentioned and your time given to me during this time, it was a pleasure working for you in the time I was temping and I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know or even come back to you in the future if the need ever arises again.

Thank you again so much for everything, I really appreciate it and will always remember how much you helped me. As well as how much I learned from the experiences of different positions and from yourself and how much I really enjoyed the temping jobs I participated in to get me where I am today. I couldn’t have done it without you and will never forget that.”

“I wanted to thank everybody at Cammach for being so welcoming and helpful during my time here, I will certainly have no concerns in recommending the service to any friends or colleagues for future. I hope our paths may cross again.”

“Thanks again for all your help and support in getting me this role. I really felt like you understood what I could achieve and I appreciate you seeing that I would be a good match for the job. If I ever fancy a move on in the future, I'll be sure to visit Cammach Recruitment and hopefully catch up with you”

“You helped me a lot with job searches which was very uplifting as finding a job as an inexperienced graduate was a very daunting endeavour and I had always been very grateful for your kind assistance.”

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all at Cammach for your help and support this past couple of years.

I'd like to say that the service was excellent and I have absolutely no negative comments or feedback for yourselves."