My work experience

I am Cassius Reid and i have been here on a weeks work experience and this how i feel about working in a recruitment consultancy.

Going in to working in a recruitment agency I thought would be long, tedious and boring work. I was expecting to go into my work experience and see tired office workers bored of sitting at a desk all day, but I was surprised to find an office full of hard working individuals who are happy to help each other and can go through the hard work to help people find work.

Towards the end of my first day of work, I was in reception filing CVs, the work wasn’t boring but outside the sun was out and as this rarely happens in the dreary city of Aberdeen, so I think everyone would’ve rather been outside, so Jordan went out to get ice lollies for everyone. This showed me that the office that I had been in my head was different to what I was expecting. During the week there were a lot of calls answered and every time a phone would go off there was always a polite person in the room welcoming the caller with enthusiasm, this surprised me because after one day I was stiff and sore from sitting staring at a computer all day.

Favourite ‘thing’ about being in the Cammach Bryant office?
That its less strict than school(I can go to the toilet when I want)
3 words to describe your week?
Different, interesting and enoyable
Best/favourite task you completed this week?
Getting the red code for people on the website
What was the most important lesson you learnt from being in the work environment?
If I have any queries I should ask someone for help
If you could do 1 person’s job in the Cammach Bryant team in years to come, whose job would it be and why?

Recruitment consultant because I enjoy working with other people.