Recruitment and Retention Lunch and Learn

Cammach Recruitment and Employment Law specialists, Avensure, teamed up to deliver a Lunch and Learn around Recruitment and Retention to delegates from across a variety of sectors.

The lunch, which took place at Norwood Hall Hotel, addressed both employment law issues as well as strategy and the softer issues around recruitment.

Jennifer Johnston, Senior Recruitment Consultant delivered a presentation on behalf of Cammach Recruitment which lead off with the concept that “Its not people in your business that are important, its the right people” and how to implement a strategy that ensures businesses attract then retain these people. Jennifer also touched on the concept of “givers” and “takers” in an organisation and why businesses need to have a balance of both.

Flora Neville presented on behalf of Avensure and covered a host of Employment Law topics to ensure that the Recruitment process that your business builds is robust.

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