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Contracts Specialist

Our client is looking for a Contracts Specialist for a contract position, located in Westhill, Aberdeen.


Governance of commercial policies, processes and procedures to ensure that all commercial activities are executed in strict compliance with Group operating principles, standards and values. Contributes to the execution of functional objectives.


Responsible for administration of allocated tenders dealing with all commercial and contractual activities associated with Client’s tender requirements and all associated subcontract and supplier requirements from receipt of tender enquiry through to contract award and consequent handover to operations or loss of tender and Client debrief.


Responsible for contract administration of allocated projects, dealing with all commercial and contract activities associated with Client contract and all associated subcontract and supplier requirements, from project start-up through to contract close-out. Subject to the complexity and scale of project, the responsibilities may be split between two or more individuals.



  • Demonstrates a sense of business awareness within the framework of planned and existing relationships with Clients and suppliers. Balances the need for strong customer relationships and repeat business with the need for Improvements in financial performance.

  • Verifies individual contract strategies are aligned to contracting strategy which is reflective of its risk profile and market conditions.

  • Understands the sales and tendering processes, assists with development of proposals strategies, co-ordinates the contractual and commercial submission of any tender, liaising with tendering and technical support functions in the development of the submission.

  • Provides commercial and contractual support to the Project Manager and project team on all aspects of Client contract and subcontract management.

  • Manages all contract and subcontract administration activities from start-up to close-out.

  • Manages and maintains accurate records of all project contractual and commercial documentation within Contracts Workspace System appropriate to role.

  • Proactively identifies, monitors and manages change to preserve the interests of Company.

  • Understands the correlation between cost, revenue, value and profit.

  • Utilises appropriate tools, techniques and abilities to commercially and contractually negotiate on behalf of Company.

  • Prepares and reviews proposals to instigate formal dispute resolution. Provides contractual advice, initiates and responds to contractual correspondence. Supports the management team in the identification, assessment and preparation of claims, including the preparation of any documentation required.

  • Ensures adherence to processes and procedures for the placement of 3rd party vessel charters including appraising suppliers, industry standard terms and conditions for chartering and presentation of business case for commitment.


  • Appraises the different types of contractual arrangements available (P.O, Comapny Standard Terms and Conditions, Client Bespoke Contracts, Industry Standard Contracts, Mutual Hold Harmless Arrangements).

  • Selects and recommends the most appropriate qualifications for each type of contract which support contracting strategy.

  • Qualifies contracts in accordance with group contracting principles.

  • Develops contractual and commercial models which are appropriate for the service supplied/received and aligned to contracting principles, strategy and Client requirements.

  • Comprehends, analyses and interprets terms and conditions of contract/subcontract and articulates contract/subcontract obligations to other stakeholders.

  • Assesses Client insurance requirements and can identify any gaps in coverage. Coordinates the procurement of additional insurances in conjunction with Legal / Insurance where applicable.

  • Reviews and advises on company CAR policies.

Supply Chain

  • Ensures adherence to processes and procedures for the placement of subcontracts.

  • Appraises suppliers, identifying key elements of risk and sources of commercial advantage with suppliers and develops bidder's lists accordingly.

  • Develops, maintains and delivers project procurement plan.

  • Prepares and co-ordinates subcontract ITT packages including administration and evaluation of tender submissions.

  • Develops and presents business cases for commitment and places commitments.

  • Appraises industry standard terms and conditions including drafting, negotiation and execution of subcontracts.

  • Understands and applies Company policies and procedures on intergroup services and transactions. Appraises the services provided/receipted and determines the appropriate form of intergroup agreement to be placed.

  • Understands the core services provided by our Global Sourcing and Procurement function. Can identify key commodities / suppliers and estimate & procure such services where required. In collaboration, identifies key risks in the sourcing and delivery of these commodities.

Project Controls 

  • Interfaces with Cost Control to establish and maintain accurate financial forecasting.

  • Supports set up of client contracts and associated subcontracts and supplier agreements in the relevant business systems.

  • Interfaces with Planning to establish schedules, monitor progress and assess change.

  • Assists others in assessing change and quantifying the effects of change on schedule, cost and contract including contingency and risk solutions.

  • Participates in audits to provide internal controls and ensure compliance with internal and regulatory governance and risk management.

  • Carries out day to day activities in a manner that simplifies the internal and external audit process.


  • Applies the appropriate processes and procedures to determine the financial status of clients and suppliers.

  • Applies appropriate systems, tools and expertise to all project and tendering activities to ensure sound financial control is exercised and cash-flow is maintained.

  • Identifies where security may be required in order to mitigate credit or performance risk.

  • Manages all client and subcontract bond and guarantee requirements.

  • Interfaces with the Tax function to assess and quantify tax liabilities including determining tax rates and requirements for relevant transactions. Ensure Tax costs are included within relevant pricing.

  • Raises invoices in conjunction with Cost Control and preforms invoice checking, query recording and resolution for both clients and suppliers.

Risk Management

  • Ability to balance risk and reward with short and long term objectives. Translates uncertainty into quantifiable and manageable risk. From tender through to close-out, seeks to mitigate risk through contract management.


  • Understands and applies the knowledge of Company products & services, vessel fleet and manufacturing sites to support the tendering and operational delivery of projects.

Main Accountabilities

  • Directly contribute to enhancement of Company return through value creation via effective management of commercial and contractual obligations and risk exposures to increase project return and Client satisfaction.

  • Ensure all responsibilities are executed in strict compliance with relevant company policies, processes and procedures and in accordance with Group Values.

  • Ensure appropriate and relevant commercial and contractual support is provided to the Project Managers to ensure good working relationships are established and maintained with Client and Suppliers.

  • Manage contractual and commercial risks on tender/project to ensure risks are identified early and either eliminated or managed appropriately.

  • Ensure active management of all Tender Clarifications on allocated tender with respect to Client, Subcontractors and Suppliers. (Win-It).

  • Ensure active management of all Variations and Invoicing on the project with respect to Client contract and subcontracts. (Operations).


Must Have

  • High standard of written and spoken English.

  • Ability to work under minimal supervision and direction.

  • Experience in a commercial environment performing a similar role, which demonstrates exposure to the key contracting and commercial concepts in relation to contract and commercial risk management, with specific emphasis on operational project execution activities.

  • Knowledge of contractual terms and conditions and proven ability to negotiate same with Clients and Suppliers.

  • Demonstrable competence in the discharge of such commercial and contractual duties.

  • Self-motivated and persistent

 Nice to Have

  • Experience in offshore / subsea related industrial environment.

  • Professional or undergraduate degree level qualification in Quantity. Surveying, Business Administration / Management, Purchasing or Legal discipline

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Westhill, Aberdeen

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